ANUP is governed by an Executive Committee comprising a Chair and two Deputy Chairs elected from the membership according to the rules of ANUP’s Terms of Reference.

Committee roles are voluntary and for a two year period.

The current Committee is:

Chair: Omer Yezdani, Australian Catholic University
Deputy Chair: John Pike, Murdoch University
Deputy Chair: Teresa Tjia, Victoria University

ANUP Past Chairs

Immediate Past Chair: Martin Hanlon, University of Technology Sydney (2016-2018)
Richelle Hilton, Australian National University (2014-2016)
Founding Chair: Associate Professor Anne Young, University of Newcastle

Committee Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Executive Committee are to:

  1. Lead discussion on relevant issues, or delegate to an identified ANUP member
  2. Coordinate and prepare the meeting agenda and schedule
  3. Coordinate the logistics for each meeting
  4. Maintain records of ANUP member details
  5. Prepare and maintain formal records of each meeting
  6. Coordinate any member votes on motions or options
  7. Facilitate sharing of information from the Government or its agents with members
  8. Coordinate any ANUP submissions to Government or its agents
  9. Manage relationships between ANUP and other organisations
  10. Manage any monies collected from members
  11. Any other relevant responsibilities.

(Source: ANUP Terms of Reference, September 2016)