ANUP is a network of institutional representatives convened to:

  1. consider emerging planning matters affecting the Australian higher education sector;
  2. consider current and emerging regulatory reporting matters and provide advice as appropriate;
  3. facilitate the exchange and sharing of relevant information between Network members;
  4. facilitate the exchange and sharing of data using, among others, the Government’s HEIMS dataset;
  5. enhance the planning and performance measurement capabilities of the Network members;
  6. as appropriate, identify and establish collaborative partnerships within the higher education sector with the aim of enhancing the goals of ANUP;
  7. where appropriate, explore opportunities to align with other relevant groups, domestically and internationally;
  8. provide advice as relevant and appropriate;
  9. provide expert advice to the Government and formal bodies, such as Universities Australia, through each institution’s Vice-Chancellor or direct with the Government or formal body;
  10. advocate for the collective value of university planning units;
  11. any other activities relevant to planning and reporting within the higher education sector.

(Source: ANUP Terms of Reference, September 2016)