Who do we work with?

ANUP works with the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Education and Training, Universities Australia and other organisations with a role to advance planning-related matters across Australian Universities. These organisations include, but are not limited to, the Social Research Centre and the Good Education Group.

ANUP also collaborates with planning directors from Universities in New Zealand who are invited to member meetings.

ANUP works closely with the Australasian Association for Institutional Research (AAIR) in terms of supporting each other’s objectives and activities.

ANUP aims to build relationships with equivalent organisations representing other director networks across Australian Universities.

ANUP also aims to build working relationships with sister national and regional networks elsewhere in the world. These include:

ANUP remains independent of any other body, even those with whom it chooses to collaborate with formally.

The Network remains an informal advisory group. No advice given on behalf of the network represents the views of the sector or any individual university. Consultation with the Network will provide insights into operational challenges the sector will face but should not be considered a formal consultation process.